We are passionate about doing everything possible to avoid any sight loss that could be prevented, helping people to see the world clearly and comfortably, and offering spectacles that they want to wear.

It is our aim to do all this in a warm, relaxed and friendly environment where patients are treated as people.

Principal Optometrists

Dr Michael Johnson and Mrs Hayley Johnson (nèe Furze) have developed their skills to the highest levels within the profession to better help patients. This allows them to manage a wider range of eye conditions and disease, and to prescribe medication when necessary.

Our training in medical clinics and higher qualifications give you peace of mind when you are told everything is healthy or, if there is a problem, we can be trusted to detect it early and give you recommendations based on the latest evidence.

Clinical audit

Clinical Audit

We monitor outcomes so we can identify areas for improvement, and can confidently say that many more of our patients are very satisfied with their eye examination than industry standards, and if they have a health problem they have a much lower chance of it being missed or mismanaged.


4D Eye Health Check

We use the latest technology that isn't usually found in high-street opticians. Our equipment includes the latest SPECTRALIS imaging platform, capable of imaging the eye in 4D – with the 4th dimension being time, owing to its ability to precisely compare images taken on different visits.

Zeiss vision centre

Lenses to see better

Our speciality is to design complex lenses that give the most comfortable vision, whatever your prescription. Advanced treatments to protect against scratches and reduce glare are included as standard. We're ZEISS regional specialists, although our independence means that we are not limited to one lens manufacturer.

Spectacle frames

Frames to look great

We avoid mass-market brands that can be found everywhere. Our collection is curated from manufacturers who design for individuals that come in a range of shapes, sizes and personalities. Frames with more interesting shapes and varied colours that can only be found in selected specialists.

British frames

Great British Eyewear

We’re proud to champion the best in British design and manufacturing, supporting those companies who continue our traditions of craftsmanship, originality and bespoke products.

European frames

Window to the World

We still select the best from Europe and beyond, with the condition that companies meet our ethical standards on how they treat and pay their employees, with collections from Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France and America.

Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday 8:45 - 5:30
Thursday 8:45 - 7.00
Friday 8:45* - 5:30

Closed for lunch between  1:20 - 2:00

* Opening is at 11am on the 1st Friday of every month to allow for staff training.