Johnson & Furze is an independent practice that was established by Dr Michael Johnson and Mrs Hayley Johnson (née Furze) because they were frustrated that the best standards of care were being compromised and it was increasingly difficult to get quality eyewear and unbiased professional advice on lenses and frames.

Our clinics provide a hospital-level of expertise in a warm, relaxed and friendly environment to identify and treat medical eye concerns, and our dispensary recommends and fits spectacles perfectly tailored to meet your needs.



We think that people want their eyes cared for by someone they trust. Johnson & Furze has grown in popularity because people have confidence that they will receive the highest standard of care, and advice will be given with genuine consideration for their best interests. Trustworthiness is founded on integrity, honesty and diligence, and our company takes a long-term view in how it treats people because trust must be earned over time.

Johnson & Furze endeavours to invest time and effort in getting to understand clients and their concerns, remembering that they are people, and not simply patients to be fixed or customers to be sold products. In this regard, we are quite different to most shops and hospitals, in that our business does not aim to get as many people through the door as possible, and then get them out as quickly as possible.


Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday 8:45 - 5:30
Thursday 8:45 - 7.00
Friday 8:45* - 5:30

Weekends is family time so we're not open!

* Opening is at 11am on the 1st Friday of every month to allow for staff training.